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CloudCoded - Putting Ruckus Wireless in the Cloud

What is CloudCoded

CloudCoded is a highly available and resilient platform, operating across multiple data centres to remove any single point of failure. The solution is virtually limitless in its capabilities and allows customer to scale at unprecedented levels. At its core, it comes with ZoneManager, a cloud-based controller. Additional packages are available to CloudCoded, AnalyticsManager, LocationManager and GuestManager.


Management Centralise WiFi management to a single dashboard, anywhere in the world, at any time enabling network administrators to easily monitor multiple sites. This approach reduces the complexity of managing distributed deployments.

Scalability on Demand Build WiFi networks that can scale across multiple sites, cities, or even countries with ease, allowing an administrator to manage their entire WiFi network from a single location.

Technology A fully featured, multi-tenanted WiFi management solution for enterprises and service provides who desire carrier class performance. The technology enables a scalable and resilient alternative to traditional on-site wireless controllers.

Resiliency Our highly available and resilient platform, operates across multiple data centres to remove any single point of failure, providing a network that continues to serve clients even if communication with the cloud is lost.

Accolades Ruckus Wireless technology is so revolutionary, they've been awarded 55 patents with another 80 pending, along with being recognised with many industry awards.

Future Proof Increasing the value of investment through delivery of new features, support for new devices and technology, new application profiles and tools to improve management.

Support All inclusive enterprise support is bundled into your subscription, enabling you to deploy your first network or troubleshoot WLAN issues with our dedicated support desk both online and offline.

For more information on CloudCoded visit: http://www.cloudcoded.net.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)