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Fastback Networks

Wireless Connectivity Anywhere You Need It

Fastback backhaul solutions enable fast and affordable expansion of public and private networks today to meet demands anywhere. With a host of technologies never before combined in backhaul devices, Fastback delivers backhaul operating in millimeter wave and sub6 GHz bands with technical and economic breakthroughs that accelerate deployment of 4G/5G LTE service, enterprise connectivity and high capacity private data networks.

Fastback backhaul solutions apply advanced and novel technology in sub 6GHz and millimeter wave spectrum to enable connectivity in the widest range of radio conditions offering the choice of Line of Sight (LOS) and None Line of Sight (NLOS) capabilities to meet any network requirements. Fastback solutions are unmatched in meeting the high throughput, low latency, and high reliability requirements for high performance connectivity applications. And Fastback advances in performance, versatility, reliability, and ease of installation expand the options for high capacity backhaul and enterprise connectivity.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)